WOOD O2 wood briquette

  • Ingredients: 100 % natural wood
  • Calorific Value: 5 kWh/kg
  • Ash content: < 1,5 %

Our WOOD O2  wood briquette will be controlled continuously by independent accredited laboratory and its results can be seen here.


Our WOOD O2  wood briquettes are packed in 10 kg bags, 6 pcs WOOD O2  wood briquettes are shrink-wrapped into a unit. Due to our packaging process and the used packaging material our WOOD O2  wood briquettes remain stable, while in the pack remains clean, briquettes and does not crumble. In order to better handling the shrink-wrapped units are equipped with comfortable hand carrying handle, making it even easier to manage them.Our WOOD O2 wood briquettes are packed onto pallets contains 96 pieces of 10 kg shrink-wrapped unit, such as on a pallet are 960 kg briquettes. The packaged on the pallet are wrapped with stretch foil so that the pallet can remain stable while loading and shipping.


Our WOOD O2 wood briquettes will be placed on pallets after production and stocked in closed warehouses to ensure quality till delivery. Each pallet are banded on two places, which ensure that the cargo does not fall over or till while transportation.Due to the high density of our WOOD O2 wood briquettes 3 pallets can be stacked safely. The obtained height is so about 4.3 meters.Our storage capacity is significant, we can stock also the ordered goods for our partners separated.


Our WOOD O2 wood briquettes will be delivered trucks. In our Beszterec plant we have a 60-ton platform scale and we have suitable tools for loading trucks.
Within our company group there are an own fleet of trucks, so we can deliver the ordered WOOD O2 wood briquettes also by own means of transportation to our domestic and foreign customers. Thereby we van guarantee adherence to the delivery time, increase transport safety.